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Tag type: inline tag

TSDoc standardization: extended



The @inheritDoc tag automatically copies documentation content from another declaration. This avoids duplication when two declarations have the same behavior, and thus should have identical documentation.

The inline tag content is a TSDoc declaration reference, which specifies the "target declaration" to be copied from. The target can be any arbitrary declaration; it does not need to be from a base class or implemented interface. The target declaration is not optional; an ae-unresolved-inheritdoc-base error will be reported if it is omitted. The target declaration may itself contain another @inheritDoc tag; however, if the links form a cycle, then the ae-cyclic-inherit-doc error will be reported.

Usage example:

import { Serializer } from 'example-library';

* An interface describing a widget.
* @public
export interface IWidget {
* Draws the widget on the display surface.
* @param x - the X position of the widget
* @param y - the Y position of the widget
public draw(x: number, y: number): void;

/** @public */
export class Button implements IWidget {
/** {@inheritDoc IWidget.draw} */
public draw(x: number, y: number): void {
. . .

* {@inheritDoc example-library#Serializer.writeFile}
* @deprecated Use {@link example-library#Serializer.writeFile} instead.
public save(): void {
. . .

In the above example, Button.draw() implements the IWidget.draw() interface contract, so we can use {@inheritDoc IWidget.draw} to avoid copy+pasting the entire comment block. Note that inherits its documentation from Serializer.writeFile() which has a different name and is imported from a different package; although there is no "inheritance" relationship, we can still copy documentation from that declaration.

What gets copied

The @inheritDoc tag does not copy the entire comment body. Only the following components are copied:

  • summary section
  • @remarks block
  • @params blocks
  • @typeParam blocks
  • @returns block

Other tags such as @defaultValue or @example are not copied, and need to be explicitly included after the @inheritDoc tag.

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