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TSDoc is a standard syntax for TypeScript doc comments. It can be extended with custom tag definitions. API Extractor's custom tags are referred to as "AEDoc" tags. They are defined in the file extends/tsdoc-base.json.

If your code comments are processed by other TSDoc-compatible tools, you can add a tsdoc.json config file to your project. This enables different tools to agree about how comments should be parsed. If you are using the eslint-plugin-tsdoc plugin, it also enables ESLint to report warnings for tags that are not defined (for example misspelled) or not supported (for example a standardized tag that is not implemented by your tooling).

Add a file like this to your project:


"$schema": "",

// Inherit the TSDoc configuration for API Extractor
"extends": [ "@microsoft/api-extractor/extends/tsdoc-base.json" ]

Defining your own TSDoc tags

You can also define your own tags in tsdoc.json, and the ESLint plugin will validate them. API Extractor serializes these definitions into the .api.json output files (in the "tsdocConfig" field) so that they are accessible to tools that use the @microsoft/api-extractor-model library (via the ApiDocumentedItem.tsdocComment API).

A custom tag definition might look like this:


"$schema": "",

// Include the definitions that are required for API Extractor
"extends": ["@microsoft/api-extractor/extends/tsdoc-base.json"],

// noStandardTags: false,

"tagDefinitions": [
// Define a custom tag and specify how it should be parsed
"tagName": "@myCustomTag",
"syntaxKind": "block",
"allowMultiple": true,

"supportForTags": {
// Indicate that the custom tag is supported by your tooling. (Without this, warnings may
// be reported saying that the tag is unsupported.)
"@myCustomTag": true

The resulting TSDoc configuration will include the AEDoc definitions that were merged via "extends", plus the standard tags that are predefined by the TSDoc parser. To see your project's final TSDoc configuration, invoke API Extractor with the --diagnostics command-line option:

$ cd your-project-folder

# Look for the "DIAGNOSTIC: TSDoc configuration" in the console output
$ api-extractor run --local --diagnostics

For more details about the tsdoc.json file, refer to the @microsoft/tsdoc-config documentation.