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“Mixed release tags are not allowed for ___ because one of its declarations is marked as @internal.”


For a function that has multiple overloads, you can specify different release tags for each overload. For example:

 * Combines two values, by adding the numbers.
 * @public
export function combine(x: number, y: number): number;

 * Combines two values, by appending the strings.
 * @beta
export function combine(x: string, y: string): string;

export function combine(x: number | string, y: number | string): number | string {
  return x + y;

However, this is not allowed if one of the overloads is marked as @internal.

How to fix

Create a separate function for the internal API.

Alternatively, you can disable the ae-internal-mixed-release-tag validation by adding a section like this to your api-extractor.json file:

  "messages": {
    "extractorMessageReporting": {
      "ae-internal-mixed-release-tag": {
        "logLevel": "none"

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