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Tag type: block tag

TSDoc standardization: extended

This tag is used to document the default value for a field or property, if a value is not assigned explicitly. This tag should only be used with fields or properties that are members of a class or interface.

Being a block tag, @defaultValue introduces a TSDoc section that contains all comment text up until the next block tag. This content is called the “value text”. The value text can have various forms, for example:

  • A literal value, for example: @defaultValue 3
  • A code span, for example: @defaultValue `true`
  • Arbitrary rich text potentially spanning multiple lines, for example:
    @defaultValue An instance of the {@link Widget} object

Thus, documentation templates should not assume that the value text will consist entirely of code.

Usage example:

export enum WarningStyle {

export interface IWarningOptions {
   * Determines how the warning will be displayed.
   * @remarks
   * See {@link WarningStyle| the WarningStyle enum} for more details.
   * @defaultValue `WarningStyle.DialogBox`
  warningStyle: WarningStyle;

   * Whether the warning can interrupt a user's current activity.
   * @defaultValue
   * The default is `true` unless {@link WarningStyle.StatusMessage}
   * was requested.
  cancellable?: boolean;

  message: string;

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