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"This symbol has another declaration with a different release tag."


In the TypeScript language, a symbol can have multiple declarations. They are called "merged declarations" because they describe the same underlying JavaScript object. The ae-different-release-tags is reported when merged declarations have different release tags.


/** @public */
interface Size {
width: number;
height: number;

/** @beta */
function Size(width: number, height: number): Size {
return { width, height };

// Warning: This symbol has another declaration with a different release tag.

In the example above, the Size symbol has an interface declaration that is marked as @public, but a function declaration that is marked as @beta, so the ae-different-release-tags error is reported.

Note that mixed release tags are allowed for overloads of a function or method. For example:

* Combines two values, by adding the numbers.
* @public
export function combine(x: number, y: number): number;

* Combines two values, by appending the strings.
* @beta
export function combine(x: string, y: string): string;

export function combine(x: number | string, y: number | string): number | string {
return x + y;

It would be possible for API Extractor to allow different release tags for other types of declarations. GitHub issue #972 proposes this enhancement and discusses some of the challenges involved.

How to fix

Change the symbol's declarations to have the same release tag.

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