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The configuration settings in detail:

Setting What it does
enabled Whether the API Extractor task should run during the build.
entry The TypeScript entry point. This should match the “main” and “entry” fields in your package.json file (except that “entry” identifies the source file, not the target files).
apiReviewFolder Where to write the *.api.ts output file. This file should be tracked by git, and used to trigger a PR approval policy. The default value is “./etc”.
apiJsonFolder Where to write the *.api.json output file, used to generate documentation. The default value is “./dist”.
generateDtsRollup If true, then API Extractor will generate *.d.ts rollup files for this project. The default value is false.
dtsRollupTrimming Only used if generateDtsRollup is true. If dtsRollupTrimming is true, then the API Extractor task will generate separate *.d.ts rollup files for internal, beta, and public release types; otherwise a single *.d.ts file will be generated with no trimming.

That’s it! To see an example config file, take a look at config/api-extractor.json for node-core-library.